The Family Counseling Center, in Ruston, Louisiana, is the community counseling program of Louisiana Methodist Children’s Home.

For nearly 30 years, The Family Counseling Center has actively worked to improve the quality of life and the well-being of individuals and families by addressing the mental health and behavioral health issues in northeast Louisiana.

Counseling services are available to children, families and adults of all ages. We help individuals and families make positive life changes and empower them to make healthy and successful life choices. We offer a variety of service including marriage counseling, family counseling, parenting classes, play therapy, critical incident counseling and educational seminars for parents with children who have special needs. We offer counseling and advocacy to victims of crimes such as sexual assault, incest, physical and sexual abuse of children and other crimes.

Our staff are licensed professionals who have specialties in marriage and family, play therapy, the treatment of ADHD and the use of EMDR, an effective therapy for the treatment of trauma. FCC understands the importance and strength of collaboration and we partner with agencies, businesses, schools and churches who have the common goal of preserving and strengthening our community.

Team Approach

The Family Counseling Center takes a systemic approach in helping families recognize their strengths and resources and guiding them toward healthier living. Because of the different specialties we provide, we are able to assess and deliver services which best fit a client’s needs. On occasion, a family members may work with more than one therapist. For example, a child may be in play therapy while the parents receive marital therapy. We consider and refer to area therapists who may better serve a client’s needs.

Children’s Services

We believe parents or caregivers are the primary change agents for their children. It is our policy that parents or the legal guardian attend a child’s first therapy session to provide a history of the presenting problem and to sign a contract which includes an agreement for the parent to watch a parent video as part of their child’s therapy. Parents of young children are encouraged to attend Child Parent Relationship parenting groups. This is an innovative approach we have found effective in facilitating progress in the child’s therapy. Parents are a vital part of the therapeutic process and therefore remain at The Family Counseling Center during their child’s therapy sessions.

Professional Development

Our therapists are encouraged to focus on acquiring professional training that addresses the therapeutic skills related to areas of expertise needed to address the identified needs of our communities. Our therapists hold memberships in the following professional associations: American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, National Association of Play Therapy, Association of Christian Counselors and International Academy of Collaborative Professionals. Our therapists meet together weekly for peer supervision which encourages brainstorming solutions and provides consultation for difficult cases.

If you live in north Louisiana and wish to schedule an appointment at The Family Counseling Center in Ruston, Louisiana, you may call 1-318-255-5753.

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