Control of Louisiana United Methodist Children and Family Services, Inc. is vested in a volunteer Board of Directors which has overall responsibility for the property, finances, and operation of the non-profit corporation. The Board is responsible for the selection and oversight of a President/CEO. The Chair of the Board, the President of the Corporation, all officers of the Board and Chairs of all Standing Committees of the Board serve as an Executive Committee which meets on call.

Ex-Officio Members

Effective July 1, 2020

Resident Bishop of the Louisiana Area – Rev. Cynthia F. Harvey
Conference Lay Leader – Mrs. Jennifer Swann
President of the Conference United Methodist Women – Mrs. Marjorie Franklin
President of the Conference United Methodist Men – Mr. Mark Lubbock
District Superintendent of the Shreveport District – Dr. Wybra Price
District Superintendent of the New Orleans District – Rev. Jan Curwick
District Superintendent of the Lake Charles District – Rev. Karli Pidgeon
Pastor of Grace United Methodist Church – Rev. Bob Deich
Pastor of Trinity United Methodist Church – Rev. Doug de Graffenried
President Emeritus, LUMCFS – Mr. Terrel Deville
President and Chief Executive Officer, LUMCFS – Mr. Rick Wheat

Regular Board Members

Mr. Fred Banks
Mr. William “Dub” Henning, Jr.
Mr. Bill McIntyre, Secretary
Dr. Bryan Sibley
Mrs. Cindy Surles
Mr. Robert Tillery

Mr. John Allen
Dr. Ramonalynn Bethley, Vice Chair
Mr. Steve Burkhalter, Chair
Mrs. Jennifer Justiss Loe
Ms. Babs Mollere
Ms. Betty Rowell

Mrs. Evelyn Evans
Mr. Reid Falconer
Mr. Bill Goforth
Mr. Richard Lewis, Treasurer
Rev. Brian Mercer
Rev. Bill Willis

Mrs. Jeanne Browning
Mrs. Joanna Hauser
Mr. Billy James
Mr. Don McGehee
Mr. Matt Vincent
Ms. Joan Warren

Life Members of the Board

Life Members of the Board are individuals who have rendered distinguished service. These persons are non-voting members of the Board and may not be elected as officers of the Board. Life Members may serve as members of committees of the Board. Life Membership is limited to no more than twelve members.

Mr. Chris Andrews
Rev. Bob Burgess
Mr. Terrel DeVille
Mrs. Rosemary Ewing
Rev. Dr. William “Bill” W. Hutchinson
Mr. Jimmy Love
Mr. Byrum Teekell

The Board is assisted by Board Committee Members. All Board Members also serve as Committee Members.

Past Board Leaders

Since our organization’s beginning, we have been graced by a sound, effective Board of Directors. These individuals have served as Chairpersons of the Board in the past.

1907 – 1941   S. D. Pearce
1941 – 1944   T. L. James
1944 – 1959   Floyd B. James
1959 – 1970   Dr. Marvin T. Green
1970 – 1987   W. A. J. Lewis
1987 – 1991   L. D. McGehee
1991 – 1996   Jimmy Love
1996 – 2002   Rosemary Ewing
2002 – 2004   Byrum Teekell
2004 – 2008   Roberta Green-Hinton
2008 – 2014   Richard Lewis
2014 – 2020   Robert Temple
2020 – present   Steven Burkhalter