Louisiana’s Children Need Strong Advocates

KIDS COUNT: Yes. But Do They Count in Louisiana?

2021-01-18: New Advocacy Paper! “KIDS COUNT: Yes. But Do They Count in Louisiana?: An Historical Bibliography of Louisiana Newspaper Headlines Regarding Annual KIDS COUNT Reports Since 1990

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Why Louisiana’s Children Need Adults to Speak on Their Behalf

Louisiana’s children (23.4% of Louisiana’s citizens) are without a public voice of their own. Children cannot vote, have no political voice, do not make political contributions, and have no legal standing as adults do. Louisiana does not have an Office of Child Ombudsman.
Consequently, children’s needs are easily ignored.

The consequences of inattention to children’s needs have harmed repeated generations of Louisiana’s citizens.

Ranked 48th in the nation on child well-being in 2020, Louisiana’s children need strong advocates. Louisiana’s children need you! Join us in our work of advocacy which seeks to build and sustain a sense of urgency in Louisiana about the well-being of our state’s children.

Louisiana’s Children Lack an Ombudsman

Are you aware that Louisiana has no Children’s Ombudsman Office?

Did you know concerns on behalf of Louisiana’s children (ranked 49th in the nation for child wellbeing) are not systematically collected, evaluated, or reported to our Legislature or to the public?

Unfortunately, Louisiana lacks what most states do possess.

Louisiana does not have a Children’s Ombudsman Office to impartially address complaints about government actions or provide our elected officials with the information they require to make wise decisions on behalf of our children and families.

An ombudsmen as “an independent, impartial public official with authority and responsibility to receive, investigate or informally address complaints about government actions, and, when appropriate, make findings and recommendations, and publish reports.”

A Children’s Ombudsman Office is not a new concept. In fact, the National Conference of State Legislatures provides guidance to states interested in doing right by their children and has published a very helpful introduction to Children’s Ombudsman Offices.

The information from the National Conference of State Legislatures is at:


Understand the Needs of Louisiana’s Children