We Advocate for Louisiana’s Children!

Ranked 49th in the nation on child well-being, Louisiana’s children need strong advocates. Louisiana’s children need you! Join us in our work of advocacy which seeks to build and sustain a sense of urgency in Louisiana about the well-being of our state’s children.

Louisiana Center for Child Well-Being
For 117 years, Louisiana United Methodist Children and Family Services has advocated for Louisiana’s children and families. As Louisiana’s leading child welfare organization, we interact with children and families across our state. This close contact provides insight and perspective on what we believe is the primary factor influencing the quality of Louisiana’s future: that is the current well-being of Louisiana’s children.

The new Louisiana Center for Child Well-Being, forming to become a central location in our state for resources, research, and collaboration related to the well-being of Louisiana’s children, represents our organization’s concentrated work to improve the well-being of Louisiana’s children.

Join us in our efforts to address the needs of Louisiana’s children.

Understand the Needs of Louisiana’s Children