Louisiana’s Children : Charts and Graphs

These charts and graphs are offered to show the status of Louisiana’s children. Some are related to conditions over time, others are comparative.

Child Abuse Victims by Age, 2015

Between birth and 19 years of age, half of all child abuse in Louisiana occurs to children who are 5-years-old and younger. One fourth of all child abuse is perpetrated against babies 1-year-old and younger.

Infant Mortality Rank, 2017-2018

Chart ranking Louisiana among the nations for infant mortality

If Louisiana were a nation, the state would be ranked 66th among the nations of the world for infant mortality.

Louisiana’s Child Well-being Rank

Among the states, Louisiana holds a 29-year average rank of 49th for child well-being.

Foster Children Served by DCFS Each Month

Chart presents the monthly history of the number of foster children cared for each month by Louisiana’s Department of Children and Family Services.

Foster Children in Care and Contracted Group Home Beds

Chart displays the number of children receiving foster care services each month and the number of DCFS-licensed group home beds available.