During this past year we cared for 247 children who could not receive the residential care they needed elsewhere. Children who live in one of Louisiana’s three Methodist Children’s Homes receive professional help for serious emotional or behavioral health problems which cannot be addressed in less intensive treatment settings.

Most of our residents have experienced significant personal trauma, physical abuse, sexual abuse or neglect. They have been hurt. Many have witnessed violence against family members or friends. These are the events that trouble adults. They are devastating for children.

Upon admission, each of our children’s specific needs is identified and an active treatment plan is developed to guide our treatment teams who address each identified need. We work to improve all areas of each troubled child’s life by focusing our treatment efforts on a child’s spiritual, physical/medical, and emotional/psychological needs.

We provide exceptional residential care. While there is no perfection in this life, we push for it. Our Quality Assurance staff constantly review our treatment activities. We invite accrediting bodies and state agencies to review what we do. We take advantage of opportunities to improve. The Performance Improvement Committee, a standing committee of our Board of Directors, reviews our quality assurance activities and guides our pursuit of perfection. We want to provide perfect days of care!

One exciting example of how we continue to pursue perfection in residential care is the creation of a new program at Methodist Children’s Home of Greater New Orleans. It is designed for boys 10 years old and younger. At such a young age, these little guys already require the intensive residential treatment we offer. There was no other program in Louisiana for these younger boys who have significant emotional problems.

In 2014 we will continue pursuing “perfect days of care” for traumatized children.

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