Methodist Foster Care, a program of Louisiana United Methodist Children and Family Services, recently hosted appreciation lunches across the state for their Therapeutic Foster Care parents. Dana Castine, Director of Methodist Foster Care said, “May was National Foster Care month, so what better time to show our families how thankful we are for them and for the love and sacrifices they make to care for Louisiana’s foster children.” The luncheons were held in Monroe, Alexandria and Lafayette, and were a time to really celebrate the parents for their willingness to step up and foster the children in our programs.

Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC) parents and families are specially trained, certified and committed to providing homes for children who will receive family-based treatment and require more structure than is available in regular foster care. Support for our TFC families is provided by our numerous staff and counselors who are trained in TFC services.

The luncheons hosted in each of the 3 cities were well attended by our TFC parents and staff alike. President and CEO of LUMCFS, Rick Wheat, and VP of Operations, Luke Allen, were in attendance, as well as Dana Castine, Director of Methodist Foster Care, and her dedicated staff and licensed counselors.

We are currently looking for additional TFC families and will provide training, certification and support in addition to a monthly stipend. If you are interested in being a TFC parent or family, please contact us at 318-582-2439.

Lafayette, LA luncheon attendees.
Lafayette, LA luncheon attendees.
Dana Castine, Rick Wheat,
Dana Castine, Rick Wheat, Chasity Lawson and Michelle Berry.
DSC_0085 - Copy (853x1280)
Muriel Finley and Michelle Berry.

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