reading imageThe Howard School Library on the Ruston campus of Louisiana Methodist Children’s Home hosted its first reading challenge this spring. The challenge began April 4 and continued for 5 weeks. The challenge was held in honor of National Reading Month, D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read) Month, and Get Caught Reading Month. There were a total of 42 participants!

After five short weeks, 36 books were read! Though some of the participants were unable to complete the book they chose to read, their pages read counted towards the cumulative total of 11,342 pages read! Seven students read between 250-499 pages each, four students read between 509-999 pages each, and three students read more than 1,000 pages each. What an accomplishment!

Numerous people helped to make the reading challenge possible and successful. Howard School’s librarian, Ms. Bennett; Principal Danny Bell; ELA teachers Rachel Chanin and Hillary Aulds; and Howard School Adopt-A-School Partners Chris Garriga and Johnny Gaudet, owners of Cheeburger, Cheeburger, Ponchatoula’s and Log Cabin.

Howard School looks forward to hosting more reading challenges in the future!

Howard School Library
Howard School Library

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