Director of Education Services for Howard School and the John H. Allen Career Center welcomes and awards all graduates.
Danny Bell, Director of Education Services for Howard School and the John H. Allen Career Center, welcomes attendees and graduates.

It was a beautiful day for a graduation celebration on our Ruston campus May 29, 2016. Five students of Louisiana Methodist Children’s Home’s Howard School and the John H. Allen Vocational Center graduated in our chapel. Among those in attendance were numerous friends, family members, staff and teachers.

Ceremonies commenced with an invocation by Rev. Edith DeVilbiss. The five graduating students walked down the chapel’s aisle to a piano rendition of Pomp and Circumstance played by talented staff member Stacy Bridges. Director of Education Services for the Home, Danny Bell, welcomed everyone and introduced guest speakers Reggie McLeroy, Disciplinarian with the Lincoln Parish School Board; Rick Wheat, President and CEO of the Children’s Home; Luke Allen, Vice President of Operations for the Children’s Home, and Warren Johnson, Assistant Discipline Coordinator for the Children’s Home.

Mr. McLeroy spoke to the graduates about their choices in life and not letting your circumstances define who you are or hinder you. He shared an example of his mother raising her children as a single parent and how she would leave for work early enough to walk there because she had no car; BUT, she did have the will to work to provide for her family.

Mr. Bell awarded each student their diplomas. He congratulated them and they all moved their tassels to the left in celebration. Mr. Wheat shared with the graduates that he had written them each a letter to read later. In the letter, he said, were “10 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me” upon graduating high school. It was a very moving view of things to come as they approach adulthood and enter the “real world.” Mr. Allen also congratulated the graduates, noting what an accomplishment this truly was, and Mr. Johnson closed the ceremony with a benediction.

The graduates, their family and guests were treated to a reception following the graduation ceremony.

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