Ratik Kuyana was a guest in the home of DJ and Sandy Allen of Ruston during the month of February. Ratik is of the Masai Tribe from the country of Kenya. While in Ruston, Ratik enjoyed speaking to civic groups and students of all ages about growing up as a Masai and the amazing wildlife in Kenya. Ratik refers to the wildlife in Kenya as “neighbors” and shared fascinating details about these animals and their habitat.

A freelance safari guide, Ratik has worked on documentaries for Disney Channel, Discovery Channel, National Geographic and Animal Planet. He is involved with the Ministry of Tourism of Kenya, has served as an escort to U.S. Marines in Uganda, and advocates on behalf of his tribe to the Kenyan government.

Ratik demonstrated an African dance during our annual Black History Month Celebration. Later residents enjoyed hearing his presentation on Kenyan life.

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