We held the Angel Tree Christmas Parties for our kids in Ruston last night.

They LOVED their Christmas gifts!

I am always amazed by how excited and grateful our kids are for the gifts they receive from all of you who support our Angel Trees. It’s such a simple thing you do – but it brings so much joy to kids who struggle everyday with pain!

The evening began in our Chapel with a Christmas devotion and caroling. Our excited kids then moved quickly from the Chapel to their houses as they hurried to their goodies. Our staff had prepared Christmas snacks for the parties. Our kids gathered, sang and heard, “The Night Before Christmas”. And then the gifting began!

From our newest girl who had just been admitted into the Reception Center (she was overwhelmed by what she received) to the boy in C. B. White house who received camo clothing and quickly “disappeared”, our kids had a blast last night. “Trapper”, a gentle Golden Retriever, was dressed as an elf. He wandered the campus with other “elves”, spreading cheer among the kids!

All of us at the Home join to say, “Thank you!” Once again, with your Angel Tree gifts, you have made a marvelous thing happen for our kids!

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