Residents of Methodist Children's Home of Greater New Orleans enjoy a fishing trip
Residents of Methodist Children’s Home of Greater New Orleans enjoy a fishing trip

Methodist Home for Children of Greater New Orleans must find a new location sooner than we thought. For practical purposes, we need a new location in the Greater New Orleans region by December 31 of this year. Help us find a new home for Methodist Home for Children of Southeast Louisiana and Greater New Orleans!

A letter from the CEO of SELH states, “At this time, it is anticipated that Methodist will be able to remain on grounds until the end of June 2013. Please be aware that many of these plans are still being finalized and may be subject to change.” However, the hospital’s dietary services will probably close six months sooner, “Our current intent is to continue dietary operations until sometime in January 2013, although a firm date has not been set.”

In a nutshell, on a single property, we require approximately 20 single bedrooms (or more), 3 classrooms, a dietary area, and offices for clinical and administrative staff. The new facilities must meet the licensing requirements of the Department of Health and Hospitals, Health Standards Section. Our options are limited by regulation. Examples of the types of facilities that might meet our needs include a hospital wing, an unused nursing home, or a dormitory.

We are interested in pursuing every option. If you know of a possible site in the Greater New Orleans region, please share your ideas!

Rick Wheat, President and Chief Executive Officer
Louisiana United Methodist Children and Family Services

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