Terrel Deville, President Emeritus
Terrel Deville, President Emeritus


I am pleased to report that 2007 was a very successful year in terms of services provided to children, youth, and families by the Louisiana United Methodist Children and Family Services. Our direct care services at the Methodist Children’s Home in Ruston remained populated at operational capacity throughout the year. A total of 1,466 individual children were referred for residential services. We were able to care for 293 or 20% of the requests. A total of 106 beds are available on a daily basis for all levels of care.

During this past year a total of 2,641 individuals were served through the Family Counseling Center on the campus of the Children’s Home.

The Family Plus Program continues to grow. During the year a total of 1,921 individuals were provided some level of direct care ranging from crisis intervention and counseling to parental education training. A total of 731 families received services.

A total of 15,629 activities occurred at the Outdoor Wilderness Learning (OWL) Center. With 8,928 individuals participating. This is a 44% increase from the previous year. These activities included the Challenge Course (Ropes), camping, fishing, hiking, biking, sport field, hothouse plants, equine therapy, the maze, and the Karen A. Vining Memorial Arbor Walk.

We received a total operating income of $10,254,179 and had expenditures of $9,725,669. Direct Annual giving from individuals and groups for the first time is our history exceeded one million dollars. Detailed reports will be published once our Annual Audit is completed.

The increased support from our donors was truly a blessing, and that support is what kept us solvent this year. Our Board of Directors, our staff, and I on behalf of the Children given new hope in life by experiencing God’s Love through our ministry thank you for being on our team during 2007. May God bless all that we do in 2008!

Respectfully submitted by:

Terrel DeVille

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