More than 100 years ago people with vision looked into the future far beyond their physical sight. They struggled with tenacity to found Louisiana Methodist Orphanage. I’ve read the old materials. They started from nothing. Their early work was very focused on ministry and survival. I wonder how surprised they would be to see what Louisiana Methodist Orphanage has grown into!

Whether or not those early leaders could have imagined today, their work prepared a solid foundation for all that followed. Consequently, Louisiana United Methodist Children and Family Services is a vital, assertive, faith-based ministry offering a wide variety of services to Louisiana’s children and families.

Today, we owe those who follow us in the future the same work, courage, tenacity and foundation-building that so many have performed in the past.

Southeast Louisiana is our state’s most populous region. This will not change during the next 100 years. The pursuit of our mission requires that we maintain a large presence in the greater New Orleans district. Today, we continue our search for property where we will build a permanent home for Methodist Children’s Home of Greater New Orleans. The future of our ministry is all over Louisiana – bootstrap, heel and toe of our state – and we will be where the needs are greatest!

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