The work we do is proof of the truth of John Donne’s, “no man is an island, entire of itself.” Everything we do depends upon the support of others who may be volunteers, donors, partner agencies, or grantors.

The work of our Family Counseling Center in Ruston is a perfect example of how the continuing support of many and our solid partnerships with others make possible our ministry to children and families. Let me share some information about the impact of partnering.

The staff of the Family Counseling Center provided prevention, early intervention and treatment services to 7,323 individuals during 2012. Services were provided to individuals in 13 parishes and counties in Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi. The Family Counseling Center has become an important source of therapeutic services in the region.

We could not do it alone. United Way of Northeast Louisiana, Lincoln Health Foundation, Trinity United Methodist Church, Boys and Girls Club, Montessori School of Ruston, Northwest Law Enforcement Planning Agency, Union Christian Academy, Louisiana Tech University, University of Louisiana in Monroe, The Health Hut, and Lincoln Parish School Board are among those who have partnered with the Family Counseling Center to provide support or locations for our services.

When we consider the care we provide we know we are not an island. We are grateful to hold hands with strong partners who make our work possible, effective and accessible to children and families.

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