Louisiana’s legislative season has begun. Our State Senators and Representatives face a heavy burden: they must solve a $1.6 billion deficit without doing harm.

Healthy politics is always about people caring for each other – caring especially for those who cannot care for themselves.

Children have no vote and have no voice for themselves. Adults must speak for children.

Have you ever seen a killdeer fake a broken wing and hop away from its nest to draw danger away from its chicks? The adult bird will sacrifice itself to protect its babies.

The most dangerous animal on earth is a mother bear with cubs. Bears are ferocious protectors of their young.

Did you know a herd of zebras surrounds their babies to keep them in the center of the herd to protect them from predators? Zebras work together to protect “their” babies.

Adult animals instinctively care for the young.

In contrast to that, remember this: for 25 years Louisiana has averaged 49th among the states for child well-being. We must do better. We cannot solve Louisiana’s deficit at the expense of Louisiana’s children.

Contact your local Senators and Representatives

Among the states, Louisiana has one of the most helpful Legislative websites at: http://www.legis.la.gov/

Use the site to find your Senators and Representatives. Then contact them by email, phone or fax and simply let them know you want them to remember children as they do their difficult work during this legislative session. Your voice matters!

Rick Wheat, President and Chief Executive Officer
Louisiana United Methodist Children and Family Services

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