Life Notes: Teaching By Actions
by Teprika Parks

The heart is a delicate muscle that is used to supply blood to your entire body. It is also symbolic for being a keeper of our emotions. So, imagine if you broke someone’s heart, what you would be doing to them? I would like for us to reflect on how our first heart break felt or some other emotion that made us feel like we could not go on.

Some times we have to step out of ourselves to see what the people around us need, especially our children. Therefore, if we took the time to think about the actions we take everyday, the world could be a better place for our kids to grow up emotionally. Whether we choose to believe this or not, our actions affect everyone around us. We are being watched by our children all the time. We set the tone for how they carry out their lives emotionally. The things we say, the way we treat others and the way we live out our lives speaks out to our children.

Our actions speak louder than our words. So, lets be responsible adults and teach our children through our action that life’s ups and down and emotional roller coaster rides are just tools to teach us how to be more patient, how to love others and ourselves, and how to be responsible for our own action. We have a decision to make on how we want the new generation of young people to be. Their future is actually in our hands.

The Life Notes articles are written by staff of Louisiana Methodist Children’s Home and are published in The Ruston Daily Leader.

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