Chart showing 26 year history of Louisiana's KidsCount Child Well-being RankFor 26 years Louisiana has averaged 49th in the nation for child well-being. This year Minnesota is ranked 1st. (

Within weeks after Minnesota was ranked number 1 in the nation for child well-being, Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton demonstrated why Minnesota leads the nation: He is committed to making good things happen for children.

According to “Study: Minnesota Ranks First in Child Well-Being“, reported by KSTP Channel 5 in St. Paul, MN, “Republican legislators have big plans for tax relief heading into the 2016 legislative session. But Dayton said Tuesday he won’t sign a tax bill if the Legislature doesn’t put up an “equitable” amount for early education. His call comes after the release of a new child welfare index ranking Minnesota No. 1 for child well-being.”

In StarTribune’s” July 21st article, “As Minnesota tops child well-being survey, Dayton vows more money for youngest learners“, Governor Dayton is quoted, “I want to lay down the marker that we’re not done here”, in reference to his commitment to make more money available for early childhood education”.

Improving child well-being in Louisiana will require similar commitment of elected officials at every level of state and local government.

Rick Wheat
President and Chief Executive Officer
Louisiana United Methodist Children and Family Services

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