The 4th Sunday in April is reserved each year for welcoming back and celebrating with our Alumni. We look forward to seeing the familiar faces of those who lived here or worked here in years past. The turnout for this year’s event was unprecedented. We had a tremendous response and are so glad we were able to visit with so many of our Alumni. It was wonderful to see everyone reuniting and sharing old stories of their time together. Saturday, April 24th was the last time that a get-together will be hosted by Alumni Chick Childress. So, beginning with next year’s event, we will plan a full weekend celebration and will have a Saturday and a Sunday event.

On Sunday, April 25th, everyone met at the James House on campus for donuts, juice and coffee while they looked through old photo albums and pictures together. Some of our alumni attended chapel services on campus. Lunch was served and lots of memories were made. Terrel J. DeVille, President and CEO, welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming Home. He said, “Home is not just a place. It is where you can go that you are loved unconditionally, no matter what. This is your home.”

Please help get the word out to any previous residents or employees who might be interested in attending. They can call our Public Relations and Development Department at (318) 255-5575, or (866) 255-5830.

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