Wraparound Agencies and Family Support Organizations are two of the most exciting features of Louisiana’s new Coordinated System of Care. Offered by new nonprofit agencies in half of Louisiana’s regions, these two new services support families and provide individualized case planning for children and adolescents with complex behavioral health needs.

Wraparound agencies “wrap” services “around” a family to ensure children benefit from a coordinated care planning process that is individualized to the needs of the child and family. Wraparound is designed to use community resources and natural supports to meet the needs of children who are at risk of being removed from their families for care in out-of-home settings. Wraparound is also designed to help children and families as children transition back home after being in out-of-home care.

While wraparound also seems like one of the most effective ways to support a family in their own community while a child is in out-of-home care, Louisiana’s wraparound agencies are currently permitted to work with families only while their child is home to prevent removal or to facilitate reunification.

Wraparound Agencies and Family Support Organizations provide critical services to children who are returning to their families from residential care. We value the contributions these agencies make to ensure children and families receive the care they need in their communities.

The staff of Louisiana Methodist Children’s Home, Methodist Children’s Home of Southwest Louisiana and Methodist Home for Children of Greater New Orleans have committed ourselves to support the work of wraparound and family support staff. We are excited about the potential these two new services have for improving the lives of children and families in Louisiana.

DOWNLOAD: Helpful Hints for Wraparound Agencies and Family Support Organizations

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