Rick Wheat, President and CEO
Rick Wheat, President and CEO
I begin this day sharing a message of gratitude and thanksgiving to all of you who support our work across Louisiana. What we do for children and families would be impossible without your prayers and enthusiasm.

I have always been one who wants to change the world. I am fortunate to work with more than 550 employees of Louisiana Methodist Children’s Home who also want to effect positive change and make a deep dent for good in a universe run amok.

We at the Home are reminded daily that what we do cannot be done alone. We do not work in a vacuum. In our work we have the strong support of people across Louisiana who believe in why we pursue our mission to bring God’s love to children and families.

If you read the newspapers, you know this world is not a simple place. Early each day I read and I often find myself shaking my head, “the older I grow, the less I understand”!

I read about children who are murdered. I read about families who are hungry. I read about the rise in heroin-related deaths. I read about suicide. I read about poverty that slithers from one generation to the next. I read about parents who are dangerous and strangers who do evil things. I read about children who are victimized by traumatic abuse. I read about families broken by undeserved circumstances. Each day the victims change and the details vary, but the story remains the same.

This is a world that begs for changing! Every day the staff of Louisiana Methodist Children’s Home work to make that needed change happen. One by one, child by child, couple by couple, family by family we offer our best and we see good overcome evil.

Thank you for supporting Louisiana Methodist Children’s Home. Thank you for believing in our mission and in our ability to pursue it well. Thank you for praying for the children and families for whom we care.

All of us wish you and your family a very fine Thanksgiving!

Rick Wheat
President and Chief Executive Officer
Louisiana United Methodist Children and Family Services

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