As a Senior Mental Health Specialist at Methodist Children’s Home of Southwest Louisiana, Steven Watkins is responsible for the overall care and supervision of daily activities of youth. This includes monitoring their behavior, administering medications, accompanying them on any outings including medical appointments, supervising recreation time and teaching life skills.

Steven Watkins with Luke Allen, VP of Operations
Steven Watkins, Senior Mental Health Specialist,
with Luke Allen, VP of Operations

Steven began his employment with the Home in January of 2012 and became a Senior Mental Health Specialist in October of 2012. His background in mental health services began in 2006 at Jonathan’s Place, an emergency care facility in Dallas, TX, and at the Autism Treatment Center of Dallas. While Steven had no prior experience before working in these two facilities, he approached the jobs with an open mind and heart and soon fell in love with the work of helping others. Steven gained further experience in the mental health field working at Lake Charles Memorial, and as a supervisor at Emeritus Assisted Living in Lake Charles, LA.

When asked what he loves most about his work, Steven said, “I love having the ability to help others in need. I enjoy encouraging and uplifting others and being a part of the healing process. I love people and the many paths that we all come from and when my life intersects with another, it’s always a pleasure leading or being led toward the kingdom of God.”

Steven also shared that the relationships he has developed with both youth and staff are what he treasures most about his position. He said, “I feel that most things in life are temporary, but the impact a human being can have on another is forever felt. I am dedicated to fulfilling the mission set forth by this company and I believe in our purpose. I’m just thankful to be part of this community.”

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