On Tuesday, July 26, several of our boys were busy packing bags to go to various shelters in the area. They enjoyed stuffing each bag with items like washcloths, soap and small pocket Bibles. Each bag also included a note from our girls that relayed an important message: “You Matter!” Our boys enthusiastically talked about who would receive their bags and made a game out of who could pack the bags the fastest.

Youth that participated discussed the value of each human life, no matter their circumstances. They chose to donate their bags to the Shreveport-Bossier Rescue Mission and DART (Domestic Abuse Resistance Team) in Ruston.

gift bag for DART
Ziplock bag stuffed with small gifts and personal note.
Rebecca and Jodie Forsee
Jodie Forsee, Child Advocate for DART, accepts gift bags from Pastoral Care Assistant, Rebecca Deich.
You Matter notes
Personal notes of encouragement, written by several of our female residents.

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