The Bipartisan Policy Center asks, “Is America Under-Investing in its Young Children?” The short answer is “Yes!”

And in Louisiana, which holds the average rank among the states of 49th for child well-being, the answer is an even louder, “YES!” Clearly, we under-invest in our young children – not because we do not have funds, but because we collectively misprioritize our present opportunities and we lack the vision to see a better future.

The report state, “Young children are simultaneously America’s most valuable and most vulnerable asset. Most valuable because our nation’s long-term success and prosperity depends on today’s young children growing up to be responsible, productive, healthy adults. Most vulnerable because today, millions of young children in the United States are growing up in environments and under circumstances that not only prevent them from realizing their full potential, but put their cognitive, social, and emotional well-being at risk.” Issue Brief, pg. 1.

Rick Wheat
President and Chief Executive Officer
Louisiana United Methodist Children and Family Services

Learn more by reading the Issue Brief, “Is America Under-Investing in its Young Children?

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