Ruston, LA May 2, 2013 Louisiana United Methodist Children and Family Services is excited to share that our homes in Ruston, Mandeville and Sulphur join communities, organizations and caring people nationwide in celebrating “Thank a Youth Worker Day”!

Rick Wheat, President and CEO of the Home, said, “Caring for children who are not your own is a high calling and a difficult duty. Our youth workers are the nurturing hands of our agency ministering directly to our residents. Their work requires heart, compassion, patience, wisdom, kindness, strength to turn the other cheek, and the grace to forgive.”

“Our youth workers build relationships with adolescents who have undeveloped relationship skills. They care for children who do not often have the ability to care in return. We have an excellent staff at the Home and I am grateful for the exceptional care they provide our children, for their commitment to our kids, and for their pursuit of our mission in Louisiana.”

According to the National Collaboration for Youth, a youth worker is any individual who works with or on behalf of youth to facilitate their personal, social and educational development and enable them to gain a voice, influence and place in society as they make the transition from dependence to independence. Brian Durand, Co-Organizer of the Thank a Youth Worker Day Steering Committee, says, “Everyone can point to a youth worker who had an impact in their life, formally as part of a youth-serving organization or informally as a coach, mentor, or friend. We need to thank those who mentor our youth and celebrate their contributions to our communities.”

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