Relative to our more than a century of ministry to Louisiana’s children and families, phrases like “carbon footprints” and “carbon offsets” are modern. Louisiana United Methodist Children and Family Services, Inc. has long given consideration to its stewardship of the environmental resources placed into its care.

Examples of the agency’s environmental stewardship include timber management and reforestation practices on 1,820 acres; reduction in paper product use; and the replacement of 300 watt desktop computers with solid state, energy saving, 5 watt terminals.

Louisiana United Methodist Children and Family Services, Inc. engages in practices we believe will ultimately have a positive impact on our environment. For example:

  • Every newly constructed structure is equipped with energy saving light fixtures and bulbs.
  • The lights in our new buildings are activated by motion sensors. Existing structures are in the process of converting to energy saving bulbs.
  • We contract with a company to shred our old paper documents (this is scheduled on an as needed basis). This company then recycles the used paper.
  • Documents which are used by staff on a frequent or routine basis are digitally stored on our intranet and extranet servers. These documents are printed on an as needed bases to curtail excessive use of the printers and copier machines.
  • Ink and toner cartridges from printers and copiers are recycled (sent back to the manufacturer for reuse).
  • Recycle receptacles for paper and aluminum are strategically located on campus.
  • The temperature of our campus buildings is regulated by administrative policies and procedures to conserve the amount of energy consumed.
  • When possible, smaller, environmentally friendly, vehicles are purchased.

So, while our web site has a blue theme, we’re working to be green.

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