Methodist Children’s Home of Southwest Louisiana has successfully completed our first year of ministry to children and their families in southwest Louisiana. We thank you for making this possible.

Methodist Children's Home of Southwest Louisiana signWith the participation of more than 250 friends gathered for a Dedicatory Service on October 17, 2010, Methodist Children’s Home of Southwest Louisiana was dedicated by the Louisiana Conference of the United Methodist Church. Made possible in large part by the William L. Henning family, Methodist Children’s Home of Southwest Louisiana offers 25,070 square feet of heated living space and sits on a 40-acre plot of land in Sulphur which holds the promise of future development.

The residential building contains 28 bedrooms. There are bath and restroom facilities, a cafeteria style dining area, four large living rooms, two classrooms, and an industrial-sized kitchen. The administration building offers reception and waiting areas, offices for the Program Director, the clinical and nursing staff members, comfortable areas for family visits and client records.

Even more important than the beautiful facility for children, designed by Mr. E. J. Ellender, are the 57 incredible people who joined us this first year as employees. They do the real work of ministry. We are overwhelmed by the quality of our staff and by their active pursuit of our mission on behalf of children. We have found exceptional people in Calcasieu Parish who are remarkable for their skills, work ethic, love of children and dedication to our mission.

In addition to our facilities and our excellent staff, we have been accepted with open arms by the community. The citizens of southwest Louisiana have warmly invited us, accepted us and support us in our work with children who have significant emotional needs. Area agencies – including educational services, social services, medical professionals and law enforcement agencies – have worked to help us become established in the community, have connected us to needed resources and have offered support as we began operation this year.

Our successful work with children with significant needs is a direct consequence of the incredible support we have received during our first year. Thank you, all of you, for welcoming, assisting and supporting the work of Methodist Children’s Home of Southwest Louisiana.

With gratitude to all of Calcasieu Parish,

Steven Franks
Program Director
Methodist Children’s Home of Southwest Louisiana

Rick Wheat
President and CEO
Louisiana United Methodist Children and Family Services

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