More than 100 years ago Ruston’s citizens invited a small foster home in Bunkie, Louisiana to move to Ruston. Louisiana Methodist Children’s Home has been the recipient of Ruston’s grace and goodness for more than a century.

With society’s changes, we have changed, too. We currently have more than 400 of the most remarkable staff working in Ruston and across Louisiana who care for children and families. They do it with heart and skill and with eyes on our mission.

The children for whom we care cannot live at home because they were abused or neglected so severely that a judge ordered their removal from their families. They cannot live in foster care because it has been tried and failed. In fact, most of our residents have experienced multiple failed foster home placements. Our kids cannot live in community group homes because of their significant emotional and behavioral needs.

Our children have survived experiences most adults cannot imagine. We care for kids who have no other place in the world – and we do that here in Ruston.

We could not do this without the active support of Ruston’s citizens. Throughout our history, Ruston has cared well for our kids. Individuals, civic organizations, fraternities and sororities, churches, scouts, and other groups have made it a point to care for our children and support our ministry to some of Louisiana’s neediest kids. We are grateful beyond words.

Nor can we do what we do without the professional services available in our community. Ruston is uniquely generous in this way. We understand the nature of our ministry and the unique stresses it presents to those who provide community services. The local juvenile and family courts, the staff of the Department of Children and Family Services, the officers of the Ruston Police Department and Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Department, educators, Ruston Fire Department, the medical staff in our community, and everyone else who interacts with our kids do so with patience, skill, good minds, and big hearts.

Thank you, Ruston, for loving the Home!

Rick Wheat
President and CEO
Louisiana Methodist Children’s Home

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