On January 21, 2016, the children and staff of Louisiana Methodist Children’s Home gathered in the chapel for an evening of singing, dancing, and art. The program was the dream of one of our residents and with the help of her therapist, chapel services, and the recreation department, the LMCH version of “Ruston’s Got Talent” was born and her dream came to fruition!

“It is an opportunity for a few of our youth to share their talents with the campus. It is an exciting moment here at MCH!” said Rev. Edith DeVilbiss, Director of Pastoral Care. There were 13 acts, including an original song written and performed by one of our male residents. Several art pieces were on display as well.

We love giving our kids a chance to shine and they certainly did! Our version of “Ruston’s Got Talent” was a huge hit among youth and staff alike. We look forward to the possibility of more talent shows in the future!





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