IMG_20160414_200056551Several of our Ruston youth and staff were able to experience an unforgettable night of praise and worship at the For King and Country concert on Louisiana Tech University campus Thursday, April 14, 2016. The band is led by two brothers, Joel and Luke Smallbone from Australia, with a story that many of our youth found very relatable. The brothers talked about their father losing his job shortly after the family came to America and how they were so poor that all they had to sleep on at night was a pile of clothes. Their faith in God is what saw them through the difficult and dark times of their youth.

Also in the For King and Country band are five residents of Ruston. Our youth have been listening to the band’s most recent album, “Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong.” so they were able to sing along with every song. Chapel Services bought a pair of souvenir drumsticks for the youth praise band and another CD by artist KB. The favorite song of the night for our youth was “Shoulders” and they sang it as loud as they could, hands in the air, praising God. The song says,

“When confusion’s my companion

And despair holds me for ransom

I will fear no fear,

I know that you are near.

When I’m caught deep in the valley

With chaos for my company

I’ll find my comfort here,

Cause I know that You are near.

My help comes from You.

You’re right here, pulling me through.

You carry my weakness, my sickness, my brokenness all on Your shoulders.

Your shoulders.

My help comes from You.

You are my rest, my rescue.”

What an amazing message of hope for our youth! Thank you to members of Grace United Methodist Church and Trinity United Methodist Church, both of Ruston, for donating concert tickets for this incredible night of worship for our youth!



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