So far, one thing really stands out to me in our search for 80 acres on which we will build a permanent place for Methodist Home for Children of Greater New Orleans:  there’s a whole lot of water in south Louisiana!

Here’s the update about what we have accomplished in April and May.  To date, we have considered 17 properties of 80 to 100 acres and have eliminated them from further consideration.  Flood zones and wet land issues are the primary barriers so far.  We are still actively searching and have a buyer’s agent at work for us, too.

We have met with St. Tammany Parish officials in the Development Office and have learned about the zoning process.  We have visited with the Floodplain Administrator who is very helpful.  We have met with the Tax Assessors Office and the Clerk of Court.  Being from north Louisiana, I have identified a great opportunity for any author looking for a book idea:  The Dummies Guide to Wet Lands.  I would certainly buy it!  Because, again, there is a lot of water in south Louisiana!

Blue Iris

Our search for property has been an enjoyable, educational experience.  I even bought a pair of tall rubber boots!  Everyone we have met has been gracious, kind and helpful.  South Louisiana is a beautiful part of the state.  On several properties I have taken photos of the most exquisite flowers growing wild.  The Live Oaks are gorgeous.  I am struck by the beauty of God’s creation and I look forward to the day we will invite children to live in the new Home and allow them to experience the beauty of nature as they walk the property.

Continue praying for the Home!  Pray we will have the requisite wisdom to choose a property which will be perfect for our next 100 years in the New Orleans District.  Pray, too, God will prepare the hearts of those who will contribute to support construction.

Rick Wheat
President and Chief Executive Officer
Louisiana United Methodist Children and Family Services

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