Educational Services at Louisiana Methodist Children’s Homes

Residents of Louisiana Methodist Children’s Home of Ruston and students referred from Lincoln Parish attend Howard School on our Ruston campus. Howard School is the only alternative school in Lincoln Parish and has been designated a “Top Gains” school two time by the Louisiana Department of Education. In addition to Alternative Education at Howard School, the Allen Career Center offers vocational education in the fields of construction, welding and barbering.

Residents of the Methodist Children’s Home of Southeast Louisiana attend our on campus school which provides general education services, special education and related services to comprehensively meet all of our resident’s educational needs. Educational services at Methodist Children’s Home of Southeast Louisiana are supported by Howard School.

Residents of the Methodist Children’s Home of Southwest Louisiana are provided educational services through the Homebound Department of the Calcasieu Parish School System. We have on site a Middle School and High School teacher as well as a teacher who specializes in Special Education Services. A teacher’s aide also works on campus in conjunction with the teachers as well as a Computer Lab instructor who is provided through the Federal Programs Department.

Important Facts About Our Educational Services

  • Instruction is provided to meet the specific academic needs of the student via certified and highly qualified educators and support staff.
  • Academic instruction is tailored to co-exist with psychological and therapeutic interventions.
  • Qualified educational staff believing that all children can and will succeed by coming to know these youth and what they will need to succeed. Small class sizes of five to ten as well as one-on-one instruction in some situations depending on the appropriate placement setting unique to the student.
  • Vocational options of barbering, carpentry, and welding are offered to develop career skills and further prepare students for life after MCH.
  • A self-paced computer-based credit recovery program is offered to high school students to support these youth in making up lost Carnegie Units in an effort to keep them on track for Louisiana’s diploma requirements and graduation.
  • A traditional diploma track is available for students who have experienced success in middle and high school course work. Courses include all basic core classes of English, mathematics, science, social studies, and physical education as well as computer-based instruction in a laboratory setting.
  • A high school equivalency diploma track is available for over-age youth or students having no or minimal high school credit hours to achieve a standard diploma due to their behavioral or psychological challenges. Pre-HiSET and HiSET classes prepare students who opt for this educational track to eventually take the HiSET (High School Equivalency Test) rather than pursue the traditional pathway of earning a diploma.
  • The student to staff ratio is generally 3:1; however, there are exceptions. All classes are well staffed with student safety as a priority.