Thirty three years ago a group of volunteers who supported our Methodist Home for Children of New Orleans started a golf tournament to raise funds for the home when it was on Washington Street in New Orleans.

This past Monday, the 33rd Annual Golf Classic was held in Mandeville. There were 100 golfers on one course and 112 on the other. Volunteers organized it all – golf, refreshments, food, trophies, setup and clean up. The volunteers have been busy for half a year preparing for the tournament.

33rd Annual Golf Classic for Methodist Children's Home of Greater New Orleans
33rd Annual Golf Classic for Methodist Children’s Home of Greater New Orleans

These men and women have all seen incredible changes during the 33 years they have worked so hard to support our ministry to children and families in the New Orleans region. In fact, I believe “what” we do in southeast Louisiana has changed more than in any other place.

These volunteers have supported us in New Orleans and in our new temporary location in Mandeville, through the Katrina evacuation and the six month move to Ruston, our return to New Orleans, the move from New Orleans to the former Southeast Louisiana Hospital, the sale of the former facility on Washington Street, and the merger into Louisiana United Methodist Children and Family Services.

These supporters were there as we searched for another temporary location after we learned DHH was closing Southeast Louisiana Hospital. They were relieved with us when St. Tammany Parish began managing the SELH property and we were allowed to remain. Today, they are excited about what we are doing to create a permanent home for Methodist Home for Children of Greater New Orleans.

All day Monday during the tournament I asked myself, “What drives a group of people to do this much work for the Home year after year?” Monday night I think I figured out the answer. These volunteers who work so hard to support what we do – even as what we do changes over time – are committed to WHY we do what we do!

I believe the same is also true for the thousands of donors and volunteers across Louisiana who support what we do. They are committed to WHY we do it.

People support the Home, not because of “what” we do at any particular time, but for “WHY” we do it! Like us, people care for children. Our “why” is foundational to our work: We’re on a mission and our “why” is love!

We exist to care for children who cannot live safely with their families, because there are neglected, abused, and traumatized adolescents who cannot care for themselves, because children who have been treated like objects of perversity need the love of God, and because there are shattered families and absent parents.

“What” we do and “how” we do it are the expression of “why” we exist. Why we exist is what drives it all. And it also drives the people who care about what happens to children to support our work. Our volunteers understand why we do what we do and we are so thankful for them!

The Golf Classic Volunteer Committee that organized the 33rd Annual Golf Classic to support Methodist Children’s Home of Greater New Orleans included Mr. and Mrs. Bob and Pearl Squires, Mr. Bob Reich, Mr. Gary Lipps, Mrs. Kay Fabian, Mr. and Mrs. Fred and Beth Grosskopf, Mr. Hal Stricklin, and Mr. and Mrs. Gerald and Linda Gibson. Thank them for their long dedication!

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