We want you to know us, who we are, and why we’re invested in Louisiana’s children, youth and families. Our Employee Spotlight will focus on randomly selected employees from our programs across Louisiana.

Our first spotlight is on Emma Ensley, Mental Health Specialist in the Reception Center on the campus of Louisiana Methodist Children’s Home, Ruston.

“Mama Ensley”, as she is affectionately called by youth and staff alike, has been employed with the Home in Ruston for 28 years. Her job duties include working with the youth when they first come into care. She greets the youth and introduces them to the staff and other youth, inventories their belongings and goes over the rules with them and allows them time to ask questions. She also explains the programs the Home provides.

Mama Ensley is originally from Delhi, having moved to Ruston in 1983 with her husband and four boys.

Of her work, Mama Ensley says,

“I love working with children. I was not sure if I was making the right choice about coming to MCH. I did not have any experience in this field. I prayed about it and decided to try it. I could not have pulled this off without God walking this journey with me. I still fall short of reaching some of the boys and girls, but I continue to try.”

When asked what the most rewarding experience of her job has been, Ensley says,

“Respect from the community. The most rewarding experience for me is when someone remembers me from the Home or sends me a message. They are usually thanking me and thanking the Home for taking them in. Thanking everyone for being there for them. I am still in contact with some of the youth who have finished the program. To me, that means a lot.”

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