Millie RodriguezMildred M. Rodriguez, who goes by “Millie”, is the Assistant Director of Methodist Children’s Home of Southwest Louisiana. Her duties include supervising and leading the clinical team; leading individual, group and family therapy sessions; serving as a liaison with the Calcasieu Parish Schools; creating educational and fun activities for the youth; and coordinating volunteers.

Millie began her work with the Home in March of 2011. Millie has a strong counseling background which she gained through previous employment where she served as a school counselor, domestic violence counselor, sexual assault counselor, grief counselor to parents who have lost a child, and crisis counselor for a police department.  Other positions include teaching as an adjunct professor in Adolescent Psychology and Human Growth and Development; serving as a school intermediate principal; and working as a domestic violence troop trainer (working with the military to educate soldiers about army regulations and state laws related to domestic violence).

When asked what she has been able to accomplish that makes her feel good about her job at the Home, Millie says, “I have been able to help MCH carry out its mission of Guiding Children and Families Home to Experience God’s Love by Following the Teachings of Christ.  I have also been able to work with Henning Memorial United Methodist Church so that our high school boys can attend an all-boy’s bible study and so our youth can attend services there on Sundays.”

Millie shares that the most rewarding experience her work affords is hearing from residents after they have left care and learning how well they are doing. She says, “I have had a parent call me and say I was the only therapist her son had seen who saw him as a whole person and not for the behavior he was in treatment for.” Millie also enjoys witnessing the transformation of our residents as they learn, process and display new behaviors and cognitive reasoning.

Millie shares a few personal facts about herself to help us get to know her a little better:  “I have a 15 year old son. I put myself through college as a single mom, and I was born and raised in Louisiana (mother from Oberlin, dad from Oakdale). My husband and I both graduated from Sulphur High School and I love my dog!”

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