Marlin Giacona, Director of Methodist Children's Home of Greater New Orleans
Mrs. Marlin Giacona, NCC, LMFT, LPC-S
As Program Director of Methodist Children’s Home of Greater New Orleans, Mrs. Marlin Giacona is responsible for the operations of Methodist Children’s Home of Greater New Orleans. She oversees day-to-day operations, maintains quality assurance standards for the program, manages contracts with outside professionals, ensures the program meets licensing regulations and is current regarding health code and fire marshal regulations. She supervises the entire staff structure, manages admissions, and provides direct clinical supervision of the clinical staff of MCHGNO – all while maintaining her own certifications as a Trainer for CARE and Therapeutic Crisis Intervention programs. So if Marlin dons a Superwoman costume on Halloween, it won’t be a far stretch to reality.

Marlin began her work with the New Orleans program in 2003 as a Graduate intern. At the end of her internship, she was hired as a Case Manager. From there, because of her skill and passion, she quickly promoted through the ranks, becoming a residential therapist, then Vice President of Clinical Services prior to the life-changing events of Hurricane Katrina.

Following Hurricane Katrina, Marlin became CEO of Methodist Home for Children of New Orleans. When the time came, she played a major role in transitioning the program originally located in New Orleans to Mandeville in 2008, where she was named Program Director. Marlin considers transitioning the program successfully following Katrina and achieving the Homes’ new licensure by Louisiana’s Department of Health and Hospitals as two of her proudest accomplishments.

When asked, “What do you love about your work?” Marlin readily replies, “Seeing a resident grow mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. There is no greater joy than seeing a resident leave our program with motivation, pride, and life back in their eyes.”

Her answer ties directly to what Marlin regards as the most rewarding experiences of working with the youth: “Knowing that in some small way I improved a resident’s life and seeing the impact our staff has on the youth. I also love to get hugs from residents and see their smiles each day.”

Marlin says it is very important to her that people know, “I have a great team who make my job enjoyable and rewarding!”

If you have questions about how to become involved with Methodist Children’s Home of Greater New Orleans, please contact Marlin Giacona at 985-626-6689 or email her at

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