The Louisiana Office of Juvenile Justice announced it has selected the town of Bunkie as the home of a new therapeutic secure care facility for adolescents. Congratulations, Bunkie and OJJ!

Bunkie, located in Avoyelles Parish, has a long history of being concerned for the needs of troubled children and adolescents. Many, perhaps even some in Bunkie, do not remember Bunkie was the first site of Louisiana Methodist Orphanage in 1904.

From those first years in a wood-framed house in Bunkie, during the last century, Louisiana Methodist Orphanage has grown into Louisiana United Methodist Children and Family Services. We now provide a broad array of residential, school, home and community-based services for children and families across the state of Louisiana.

Today, more than 100 years after our early years in Bunkie, we continue to remember the support Bunkie provided. You can learn more about our early years in Bunkie on our web site at: History of Louisiana United Methodist Children and Family Services.

Well done, Bunkie, Louisiana! As you have in the past, you will again play a significant role in improving the lives of Louisiana’s children.

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