In partnership with Cornell University’s Residential Child Care Project, Louisiana United Methodist Children and Family Services has implemented CARE, a comprehensive, principle-based model of residential treatment and organizational culture. Our goal is to ensure the following six principles guide our services to Louisiana’s children and families.

Our Services are Developmentally Focused.
We strive to ensure our expectations in treatment and our interventions are developmentally appropriate for each child and family.

Our Services are Family Involved.
We know family participation is one of the strongest predictors of success. We use our resources, like the Family Lodge, to ensure families are able to participate in care.

Our Services are Relationship Based.
Without relationships, there are no connections and without connections, people do not grow.

Our Services are Competence Centered.
All people have strengths. We work to ensure children and families are able to build on their strengths and add to their skill sets. We provide purposeful opportunities and goals to guide growth.

Our Services are Trauma-Informed.
We know adverse childhood experiences can be drivers for the behaviors of adolescents and adults. We respond with understanding about the events that lead to maladaptive behaviors.

Our Services are Ecologically Oriented.
We create environments of care that encourage children and families to experience success.

We are pleased to implement CARE and turn these principles into action throughout our organization’s service array!