About Healthy Louisiana

Healthy Louisiana” is the brand name for Louisiana’s Medicaid program. Louisiana’s Department of Health (LDH) contracts with five Medicaid management companies which may cover some of the costs of care for children who require intensive residential care.

LUMCFS provides care for children who are “members” of all five Medicaid management companies. Other terms for a Medicaid management company are “managed care organization”, “MCO”, “Plan”, and “insurance company”.

LUMCFS is a contracted network partner with all five Louisiana Medicaid management companies.

No Medicaid management company in Louisiana pays the full cost of residential care. Consequently, Louisiana Methodist Children’s Home uses charitable funds to cover what insurance companies do not pay for care in our three children’s homes.

About Out-of-State Placements

A question our admissions staff members occasionally hear is, “My Healthy Louisiana plan wants to place my child in another state but I do not want my child placed out of state. What can I do?”

The Louisiana Department of Health, which created and manages Healthy Louisiana, provides helpful information for you.

You may say, “no”, and you may change your health plan. According to the Louisiana Department of Health: “You can change Plans for certain reasons, such as, if your Plan changes services that you need, or if you cannot get certain care that you need. Call Healthy Louisiana and ask for a transfer form.”

The phone number for Healthy Louisiana is 1-855-229-6848. Louisiana Department of Health states you may “call any day or time and use our automated phone system to choose, change Health Plans, or get answers to common questions about Healthy Louisiana.”

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