Our therapists can provide community groups for students, families, and professionals. Our goals are to increase awareness, educate and provide practical skills that will meet your individual or group needs.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Trauma Sensitive Yoga is a gentle practice where participants engage in a series of physical forms and movements modified to empower and cultivate a more positive relationship with one’s body. TCTSY does not use physical hands-on adjustments but rather presents opportunities for participants to be in charge of themselves based on a felt sense of their own body, encouraging choice-making to restore the connection of mind and body that is often compromised as a result of trauma.

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  • Jessica Williams is a Licensed Professional Counselor who practices yoga on a regular basis
  • Completed 20 hour training through the Trauma Center in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Grief Counseling

If you are looking for a support system in your grief journey, consider Family Counseling Center Grief support groups. You will find emotional and physical support in a safe and non-judgmental environment. Support and understanding from others who have experienced a similar loss. The opportunity to begin the healing process through sharing your own story and hearing the stories of others. Coping skills to help you through the most difficult days of your grief journey. Hope through companionship with people who “get it” and understand first-hand what you’re going through. The opportunity to discover new traditions and ideas to keep loved ones present in your hearts and in your memories. Increased understanding of how children and other family members react to loss. Permission to grieve and permission to live a happy productive life.

Groups are available at no cost or reduced rate through our grant sources.

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